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Discover our useful links and additional resources within this section. If you require any information, please contact our Academy Enquiries email address.

School Meals

For children in Reception, Years One and Two school dinners are provided free of charge. For children in Key Stage Two dinners are provided and cooked on site at a cost of £10.50 per week (£2.10 per day). All dinners should be paid for at the beginning of each week, on Mondays, with money placed in a named envelope (dinner money envelopes available at the academy office).



Packed Lunches

Children can bring a healthy packed lunch as an alternative to a school meal – strictly no chocolate bars, sweets, fizzy drinks or nuts of any kind. Please give the academy office two weeks notice of any intention to change from school dinners to packed lunch so that adjustments can be made to kitchen orders.


Free School Meals

If you think that you are entitled to free school meals for your child then you need to fill in a form available online via the link below:

Alternatively you may call directly on 01642 526606

Please note that free school meals cannot be given until the form is filled in and entitlement cannot be backdated. Even if your child is in Reception or Key Stage One we urge you to complete this form because it also provides school with an additional stream of income, current value £1,300 per eligible pupil per year, in order to further support your child.



Is available to all children in Reception, Years One and Two at lunchtime should they choose it.


Non-payment of dinner money

Any non-payment of dinner money is followed up every Friday by telephone and should arrive in school at the latest by the following Tuesday. In order to support parents from building up school meal debt where money has not been received by this deadline parents will be required to provide their child with a packed lunch.


Fruit at Playtimes

Children in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 are provided with a piece of fruit at playtime as a healthy snack. Please remember to advise us of any allergies.

Children in Key Stage 2 can bring fruit to school for a healthy snack at morning playtime.

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