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  • The Blitz – Evie D, Year 6 The Blitz – Evie D, Year 6

    Below is an outstanding piece of writing by Evie D in Year 6. She shows a real awareness of her audience and absolutely WOWED the Principal, Mrs Randall-Harris.


    Phase 6: Narrative The Blitz by Evie D

    Murkiness crept over the horizon as the chimes of Big Ben broke the silence. Slowly, quietly, gradually, darkness leaked over London the thick, black tar moving towards us, the drone of the Luftwaffe began to grow. A familiar siren wailed loudly through London, like the wail of a banshee.

    My stomach churned. Breathless, I was knocked off my feet as swarms of people – the heroes of the night – rushed to their duties. Search lights scowered the sky like long, white inquisitive fingers and tore apart the inky darkness.

    Somewhere in London, the anti-aircraft guns fired as if they were thunder splitting apart the night. The first bombs painted the night sky with fiery streaks. The nightly visitors of London had arrived.

    Hitler’s demonic fighters – the creatures of the darkness – rained bombs from above like pennies from afar. Dear drenched my stomach. A chilling wind whispered tails of destruction. The acrid scent of burning hair lingered in the air; my skin pricked with a mixture of old sweat and raindrops. Somewhere near me, a window shattered as thick, dark fog consumed the sky.

    Firefighters, the saviours of London, dashed over to the houses being immersed by flames. The drone of the German planes played the lullaby of the night; the symphony of war. Blazing amber engulfed high streets and spat its fury into the ominous darkness of London.

    My eyes stung as smoke blurred the edges of my vision. I limped over to an alleyway shrouded in darkness, desperately seeking the familiar silhouette of my sister, Olive.

    Flashes of white blinded me making me stumble and fall. The drone of the Luftwaffe drew nearer and nearer until my ears began to bleed. Our nightly visitors continued their fatal siege. “Oi, kid, hurry up, what are you waiting for, Christmas?” yelled a WRUS lady stood beside a broken down steam train. The world around me began to spin as I blindly began to run, fuelled by my courage to find Olive. Fog hung in the air like a grey, cold sea. Finally, in the dim glow of a flickering street lamp, I found Olive – a silhouette against the backdrop of chaos.

    Frantically, I began to wave.

    The shouts of the warden fading behind me. Whistle, an unnatural silence followed, CRASH!!! A bomb knocked me to my feet and suddenly I was in the air. Time slowed down. The shouting blended with the cacophony of falling bombs, then, THUD!!! It went black.

    I don’t remember the landing part.

    1:24 pm, 7 February 2024 Published in
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