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  • Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate… Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…

    Year 5 had a fabulous time visiting York's Chocolate Story. After 8 weeks of learning about where cocoa comes from, and how it is exported around the world to retailers, the children were able to enrich and consolidate their knowledge of this geography topic.

    Bella said, “I thought it was an amazing experience to learn about the history of chocolate and where it comes from. I was amazed how they could turn such a bitter, disgusting product into a sweet creamy and totally delicious thing. We found out there are over 200 flavours of kit-kat in Japan. I don’t plan on trying the squid ink flavour!”

    Hollie said, “It was such a great experience as I got to learn so much more than I already knew about chocolate and how it is made. It really brought the classroom learning to life and at one point I even felt like I was transported back in time to when chocolate was first discovered.”

    1:16 pm, 21 December 2023 Published in
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